PAWS Sheldor is AFK

My 54 week old baby.

The pup with the most…. oh wait all parents say that huh? Okay… but I am just being honest 😛

Sheldon is a 1 year old fawn colored Bouvier des Flanders (DoB Oct 2010). He is very smart and a credit to his breed. He is well behaved when in his working jacket, and a big doopy lug when he is not. He uses his feet to play like a cat and when he smacks you in the head with a paw you feel it! If you like a bouncy happy 90 lb lug who is smart enough to open doors and turn lights off and on then you might consider the breed. However if you are the type of person that thinks of your dogs as people and enjoys spoiling them then I do NOT recommend a Bouvier. These dogs are too smart to be treated like a member of the family. Don’t get my wrong I love my dog, but I know that I am the alpha and that he sits at the bottom of the pack where he belongs. Anything else would not only be dangerous, but a disservice to the animal and the family members alike. These are working dogs and as such need a working life, no matter how beautiful and cuddly they seem to be do not mistake them for lap dogs. In the wrong hands these animals can be dangerous, but in the right hands they can be a happy loving member of the family and a credit to the k9 community.

Here are one year old pictures of the little man. He is currently in training to do Search and Rescue work as well as detection work. Hence the collar, which is used to let him know he is working. Today (7 Nov 2011) it was sprinkling while I was shooting these shots so you will notice the color changes as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds etc… It has taken him a while to work up into his toy drive, but he is finally becoming stable and the drive is kicking in well. He also has a decent protection drive, but the extensive socialization training has worked and the typical protection instinct found in the breed has been worked out. With his jacket on he basically ignores all people and with his RESCUE collar on he knows he is allowed to visit and play with people. He does speak on command (FEMA requirements) but does not bark when he finds people just yet. Though we are still only on runaways at the moment. Year two should be fun and open a new chapter in both of our lives that we are very much looking forward to.

Here he is at 6 weeks. Yes Myself and the breeder both know that this is too early to send a puppy home, but she is checking in with him and we both agreed that I have enough experience with puppies and dogs in general to manage shots and basic care of a dog this young. Thank you very much Rhonda, you have and are aiding in the bonding process between myself and my new little fur ball. This gallery will update as I add real photo’s (not phone/camera ones) throughout the week.

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