Red is a ten year old Peruvian Paso who has a slightly unknown background. He came to me in a fairly unusual way. I went out to Bruce and Shauna’s home to look at two beautiful Gypsy Vanner mares. While there I noticed a horse in one of the stalls, after asking about him I found out that he was a Peruvian Paso.

Peruvians were the breed of horse that I trained professionally before having kids and an ex-spouse that, admittedly, was the reason I gave up horses in the first place. I was attracted to this animal and asked to visit with him. I went into the stall and loved on him while Bruce and Shauna told me about how they ended up with him and that they were having trouble with him. Like the little weirdo that I am, I offered to help them out with him (was like an hour long conversation, so this is a very brief description). They agreed and a few days later Red came out to the barn that I was currently taking lessons at.

Red came out to Sovereign Farms and moved in next door to, his now little girlfriend, Jewel. A cute little spotted saddlebred / arab mare. He has since learned to lunge with saddle and side-reigns, being ridden and is currently learning to steer (no power steering here). Today (July 7th) he was even used as a lesson horse for my 12 year old daughter who is learning to halter and groom horses. He was a complete angel. Even letting her fumble around with the halter on his head and fumbling with his feet while she learned etc…

Evidently he has never actually been broke, so the steering issue is still in progress, but the brain between those cute ears is very solid. He gets nervous around new things, but overcomes his fear quickly and learns new skills even quicker. I will be keeping pictures and videos on this page so that everyone can see how he is progressing.


Here is him first day. – 6/28/2012



First day under saddle (with me). No fear of the tack at all, did very good. – 6/30/2012



Second day in side-reigns. Also the first day that he really started listening to my commands while lunging. He was finally able to walk all the way around the ring at a walk. He learns so fast! – 7/4/2012



Beautiful day and a beautiful horse. Getting rewarded for good behavior in the ring. – 7/7/2012


This is Red’s Photo album. Keep an eye out for new images as he progresses through training and life. THe images above will be specific to training, these will be everything in-between.


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