This little girl is a German Shepard that was picked out of a Von Falconer litter that we fostered during the fires in the redwood forest north of Santa Cruz in 2008. When her litter returned to the kennels, which were barely missed by the raging wildfires, she remained. The goal was to train her up and sell her as a police dog. I got her started and ready for sale, and man this dog would have made a phenomenal police dog!

Alas, my husband fell in love with her and she remained in my home, despite my dislike for the breed. She is a dangerously smart animal with psychotic toy drive and an eagerness to please that will make the game of finding lost people a snap for her. She is also amazingly agile and can spin and jump on a dime, almost literally. I look forward to watching her career as she shows Rich how to be a handler.








Here she is at 3 years of age… Nov 7th, 2011



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