Hello everyone, well let me start off by saying that photography is a hobby that I have found over the years allows me to focus on the small details in life that are often missed or purposefully over-looked. My goal with these galleries is to get my visitors to slow down and appreciate the tiny things. The weeds that annoy us, or the beautiful rose surrounded by garbage.

I started photography with my first camera that I got for Christmas when I lived in Alaska. I want to say that I was probably around 9 or 10 years old. Man that camera sucked LOL, but that was when I slowed down and began to view the world through a tiny little rectangular viewfinder. I then moved into having Photography in high school for several semesters with Mr. Nightingale. Now that guy was awesome!

From there it was self learned until February 2010 when I began my masters work. I had several jobs as a freelance photographer in between those times, for the individual pet owner to several groups including The Santa Cruz Police K9 Association and the Austin Australian Shepard Club. Now the Aussie club was a while back int he late 90’s and I am not entirely sure that was what they called themselves, but you get the point. I was a dog show photographer for them.

I have put together several books through iPhoto and even personally publishing through myself and an online printer both for sale and for personal use. Feel free to look through the galleries and if you like something let me know, I am sure we can work out a sale.



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