I have been drawing for years, I do not really consider myself an artist or anything, but occasionally I get lucky and the idea in my head somehow makes it to the page. For most people that is termed talent, which means that while I seem to have raw talent to draw, the skills actually required to put the image in my head on to the page just really isn’t there.

I have recently gotten into painting murals on my walls and I even went so far as to make a sculpture of my cartoon character BoB which turned out amazingly well, though he didn’t hold up to the move as well as I had hoped. While you may or may not find pictures of my paintings here and you probably won’t find pictures of my sculptures here the drawing might slowly find their way on to the page.

And no, I don’t draw just animals, I will try to take the time to scan more as I can. Good luck looking around and please be gentle if you feel the need to comment, remember, I already said I don’t have much skill.



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