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My name is Wendi Porter and this is RMNDesigns.com. I have had this web address for about 15 years now or so, and it has undergone change, after change, after change. I have to admit that I like change to some degree and hate it if it goes beyond that degree. That however, I am pretty sure, is normal.

In this modern world, and possibly even in the older versions of it, we as human being are defined by what we do. When a person does not have a finite idea of what they do or who they are it slowly eats at them until they develop a form of ego crisis. We can even be affected through neural linguistics to alter our own self worth by saying things like “I am a housewife” or secretary or waitress or garbage collector etc…. For years that had been my problem. Always feeling like I have a low self worth because I do not have a well defined identity. I am an artist in the Renaissance meaning of the word. I do a little bit of everything. I write, photograph, draw, paint, do 3d animation, modeling and design, as well as a little carpentry, animal training (dogs and horses) and even sculpt occasionally.

On this page you will find my opinions (remember, they are like ass holes we all have them), my rants, my hopes, my dreams, my imagination and even a few glimpses into how I view the world through my camera lens. Be forewarned though, I do curtail my language slightly, but if you are one of those zealots that gets easily offended by vocabulary words, you might want to only look at the pretty pictures and not read much. And if your one of those people that loves a good laugh and doesn’t mind polite sailor talk, then feel free, read away. I can guarantee that something on this page should make you laugh at least once or twice.

Throughout my life I have done many things, though I will admit few of them dealt with humans. I used to train, show and rehabilitate horses, then I moved into doing the same for dogs. I have worked professionally as a vet tech, groomer, photographer, behavioral specialist, administrative assistant, graphic artist, web designer, programmer, game organizational director, cook, sales associate and finally (and currently) a novelist and publisher of electronic (and some physical medium) media to include software and novels of the fantasy/sci-fi persuasion.

Well I hope you have fun poking around and if you think I may have missed something feel free to drop me a comment somewhere on the page and I will try to add it. I have over 20 years work of crap to put up on this page and honestly if I get to it all in the next 20, I will be impressed. Meanwhile, you have an awesome day and may, what ever positive energies you believe in, steer you in the direction of love, safety, strength and happiness.



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