New Beginnings

Any of you reading may or may not know that I have been an artist off and on since I was a very small child. Some of my artwork is decent, while the rest of it is pretty much crap, as the portfolios to the left can attest. This week though I picked up a new hobby. Well, it isn’t entirely new, but hopefully this time it will be more successful, in either case.

The ZBrush program is massive and incredibly daunting, but as 3d programs, or art programs in general go, it is fairly well documented and user friendly. SO far I am having immense fun playing with it. I am only on day three, but I thought I would share today’s project with you. I made several error’s and some of them were utterly unrecoverable, but over all it isn’t all that bad for my first start to finish project in ZBrush. For any of you that know anything about art, ZBrush is a 2.5 to 3d art suite that offers a lot of flexibility and start to finish art and modeling work. While you still need an external rendering suite such as 3D Studio, it is none the less an amazingly powerful application. Oh and it was also used to build all of the characters and models you saw int eh movie Avatar.

Oh, and these are screen captures… I really haven’t figured out how to save the off or anything. For some reason they are a little grainy, *shrug* oh well.

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