Abby is Finally here!!!

Here he is inhailing grass out in the field, she loaded like a dream and didn’t even care when put into a new stall. Even with the babies next door trying to see the new horse, she never even paid attention to them. Travels and moves into a new home like a pro with no issues what’s so ever!

Midnight LilyMidnight Lily


Well He’s Doing Better

My big butthead is doing good. The injury was minor, though he seems to have pulled a muscle in his rear off leg somewhere. So he gets another week off. I also plan to get his toes trimmed a little better before I try geting back on him. The cause of his little fit and inevitable fall over his own two front feet, was a bunch of stored flower boxes and jump paraphernalia along side the ring. He now walks calmly by all of it while watching it carefully for any betrayal of his trust. (After all it’s all little gremlins that will leap out and eat him at any moment!)

The tail was a mixture of boredom, a very patient horse and a beautiful tail… it’s been years since I show braided a horses tail, but it was fun practice and only took three tries to remember the little details. We braided his mane too, but didn’t tie it up so all but one were unravelled by the time we put him away after his grassy treats.


Love and the Future

Ever since I found my soul mate, my life has just gotten better and better. I never thought life could be like this. Happy, healthy and a joy to wake up to. I have wallowed in my own misery for decades now and as of last month I decided to make a change. I found a wonderful woman/trainer, a wonderful barn and a wonderful four legged guy to get my feet wet with.

I have also found a wonderful dressage horse that I will be getting in Aug, keep an eye glued to the page for updates on her as well. Each of these links will take you away from this page, just a warning.

Check the link at the top of the page marked horses for more information of the new/old aspect of my life that I am utterly enjoying.