Sometimes things can just be too adorable. I have always been a proponent of the idea that baby anythings (humans, animals etc) are cute only because if they weren’t, we would kill them. This particular puppy however like beat me about the head and shoulders every day with how adorable he is. He draws the attention of just about anyone and everyone that sees him and I am constantly amazed as not only his behaviors, but his ability to melt the hearts (and sometimes minds) of the people he meets. I have not only owned, but worked with many many dogs, and this puppy, while still a puppy and therefore prone to mistakes, is by far the easiest animal I have ever had the privilege to train. I can say that I have finally found the perfect breed for me, and will likely never own anything but a Bouvier from here one out.

but enough yammering, on to the adorableness…



First Full Fledged Haircut

While I have been giving him sani’s and shaving the ears and head a tad while I socialize him to grooming. Today was his first full haircut. He did fairly well considering the fact that he was 8 weeks old. I really don’t recommend trying this for non professional groomers and professional breeders. The puppy can get seriously hurt. Now that my disclaimer is over with, on to the adorable pictures.

Pupster 2.0

This web page may not get updated as often as the Facebook page, but it will be the only place to find real pics of the little guy rather than just phone pics of him, so check back at least once a week for the pretty pics of this handsome guy!

Please remember that galleries like the one below get updated as pictures are added, so there will not be new posts for the 6th week, there will only be new posts at 7 weeks and 8 weeks and so on.

Sheldon comes home

Sheldon came home today. He was a little fussy when I first put him in the crate but calmed down and began napping almost instantly. He woulda made it all the way home with no trouble if is wasn’t for one of my typical screw ups and had to drive back. Then I needed gas. Shortly after he started crying really bad so we found a safe quiet little oath of grass in some nice phonicean’s front yard and he immediately squatted and peed. I was so proud.

He then quieted down and went back to sleep. Once home we went to the softball field next door and had Jess bring Arie out. They met in neutral ground. Arie sniffed him briefly and wandered off. She is a little jealous, but otherwise uncaring. After a brief stint of “king of the mommy”, (which I know better than to do, yes) we went outside while I ate my lunch. He just laid there next to me and watched Arie run back and forth.

He is now peacefully sleeping in his pen next to me.