The most recent Project

Anyone who has ever owned a puppy knows the trials and tribulations involved. A couple years ago Sheldon ate my GURPS magic book. I’d been meaning to either buy a new one or fix it since then. This Wednesday, I got up off my lazy butt and did something about it. So here it is….. Da da dun!!!! The new revamped GIRPS MAGIC, Wee style!!


20131027-232452.jpgIn this modern world, and possibly even in the older versions of it, we as human being are defined by what we do. When a person does not have a finite idea of what they do or who they are it slowly eats at them until they develop a form of ego crisis. We can even be affected through neural linguistics to alter our own self worth by saying things like “I am a housewife” or secretary or waitress or garbage collector etc…. For years that had been my problem. Always feeling like I have a low self worth because I do not have a well defined identity. Tonight as I tried to sleep I realized that many people would consider me lucky. For if someone were to ask me what I do? I am one of the rare few able to answer by saying “Whatever I feel like doing today.”

You see, I always knew that I was lucky, but it never really occurred to me how much others would love to be able to focus on what they want to do. Many have to focus on what their boss thells them to do, then go home to famlies that have yet another list of thing needed to be done. Hell, some people have to take vacations just to do small projects.

I am a renaissance woman. I am a published novelist, I do 3d modeling and animation, I am an equestrian, Seamstress, photographer, carpenter, muralist and inventor. I am whatever I want to be this day am I am very thankful that I have the ability to be utterly lost, confused and in a constant state of identity crisis!!

Abby is Finally here!!!

Here he is inhailing grass out in the field, she loaded like a dream and didn’t even care when put into a new stall. Even with the babies next door trying to see the new horse, she never even paid attention to them. Travels and moves into a new home like a pro with no issues what’s so ever!

Midnight LilyMidnight Lily


Well He’s Doing Better

My big butthead is doing good. The injury was minor, though he seems to have pulled a muscle in his rear off leg somewhere. So he gets another week off. I also plan to get his toes trimmed a little better before I try geting back on him. The cause of his little fit and inevitable fall over his own two front feet, was a bunch of stored flower boxes and jump paraphernalia along side the ring. He now walks calmly by all of it while watching it carefully for any betrayal of his trust. (After all it’s all little gremlins that will leap out and eat him at any moment!)

The tail was a mixture of boredom, a very patient horse and a beautiful tail… it’s been years since I show braided a horses tail, but it was fun practice and only took three tries to remember the little details. We braided his mane too, but didn’t tie it up so all but one were unravelled by the time we put him away after his grassy treats.